Services to help with your CAD needs.

Lets face it, most CAD software isn't cheap. But many companies do not use their software investment to its fullest potential. I can help your investment create a better return by; training your employees, setting-up standards, or customizing your software. While working with your team I can help maximize your investment.

Some of the services I provide are:


I write custom programs to help with quality, reduce the time it takes for mundane repetitive tasks, and help speed up the overall drafting process. Properly setting up the drafting area can have great returns on speed and quality. I will look in as your drafters work and then determine what tools can be maximized for your CAD department to more efficiently draft quality drawings.

  • Programming
    • LISP
    • VBA
    • Scripts
  • User Interface
    • CUI Custom User Interface
    • Menus
    • Buttons
    • Tool Palettes
    • User Profiles


I provide efficient quality drafting services to you and your firm. If your company has just a few drafting jobs a year or if you have a large workload that needs to be eased, I can help with efficient quality drafting.

  • Telecommunications
  • Piping
  • 3D Modeling


If you have a full time drafting department I can help setup drafting standards so your employees can draft quality work more efficiently.

  • Custom Training
  • Creating Drafting Standards
  • Creating As-Built Standards
  • Setup process for deploying CAD software and custom programs